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About Me.

Hello, I’m Mohammed Farhan. I’m a tech enthusiast and Digital Marketing Professional. In a career spanning almost six years, I have helped companies with digital marketing & brand strategy.

In addition to that, I’m very passionate about mentorship and actively seek out & create opportunities to inspire people. I had been teaching online marketing, resume & LinkedIn profile building to dozens of students. My mission is providing value to businesses as well as society.

He is one such person I have seen in my entire career. If you give him a thought/idea/concept/input and leave him with it to come with the final product/work. You will be amazed to see that the final outcome is beyond your imagination & complete satisfaction with far better interpretation, presentation, solution, richness in quality etc....

Mahesh Silveri

Founder & CEO Xcelcareer


Farhan has an engaging personality that is a perfect blend of confidence, dynamism and energy. His resourcefulness and his composure while handling new tasks are some of his greatest assets. He also frequently displayed creative, original and out-of-the-box thinking. His ideas and initiatives which he spearheaded helped enhance our marketing reach.

Prathima Koppolu

Co-Founder & CEO Fitbee 


Apart from his marketing skills, which he's very good at, what stands out is his attitude towards work. He is a major positive influence on the team. Always up to date with the latest trends in marketing.

To sum it all up, you can teach people skills, but it's very hard to teach people to have the right attitude. This simple fact alone makes Farhan invaluable.

Vivek Goel

VP Marketing